On time, travel, and a toe

written by Annie on July 10, 2013 in Personal with 8 comments


So I abandoned my blog a few months ago but believe me, it was never far from my mind.
Did you know it takes me 2-3 hours to write a post? So some things need to change. Like not formatting pictures over and over in 3 different programs. Or researching GMO salmon for hours and still not getting to the bottom of America’s complicated federal food-drug policies. Letting go of an idea of “perfect” and just hitting publish. We’ll see what happens.
In the past few months I needed to spend my time on things other than blogging. Time to spend traveling, time with my bf, time to Google how to cook poblano peppers that appeared in my CSA box. I did all that and more, and now I am at the end of two long weeks spent staring at a bruise spreading over my toes encased in a surgical bootie. Let’s start from the spring.


In the spring I moved, and then promptly went on a whirlwind of trips. I went to Seattle, Las Vegas, Sonoma, SLO, and New Jersey (and NYC!). I think I had 2 weekends in that time where I wasn’t standing in a line to board a plane. It was amazing. And today I bought my plane ticket for my next trip :) .

Here is a quick summary of the highlights.

    EMP Museum by Ghery

    EMP Museum by Ghery

  • Pike’s Place is smaller and more arcade-y than I thought
  • I had a latte at the first Starbucks
  • I was surprised to find a Frank Gehry building, the EMP Museum and stared up at the Space Needle
  • The hipsters were way more metal than I expected. But then I learned about Seattle’s music scene
  • Foie gras is legal in Washington ;)
  • I swam in a pool for the first time in a year…and a zillion floors up with a view of downtown. I don’t know if I got more heady from the chlorine fumes or sun pouring in the windows.
  • Las Vegas:

  • Staying at a pool all day was perfect
  • I CAN stay up until morning
  • I discover new art every time I’m there, saw a Koons and Stella I hadn’t seen before.
  • Sonoma:

  • I went to visit family friends and it was the best trip ever!
  • Sbragia Winery is gorgeous
  • I learned malbec means “bad kiss” in French
  • Healdsburg is super cute!
  • SLO:

    Beautiful SLO

    Beautiful SLO

  • Great to catch up with friends! Hugs all around.
  • Students now look really really young.
  • The Gold Concept is my favorite jewelry store.
  • NJ/NYC:

    An aisle of pasta

    An aisle of pasta

  • Bagels are better in NJ.
  • I forgot what heat and humidity felt like.
  • First cannoli, the filling was delicious!
  • There ARE a lot of Italians!
  • Basements. Canadian geese. Volunteer fire departments. Wasps/Cicadas/Fireflies.
  • The Frick is still my favorite museum in NYC.
  • The Frick Collection

    The Frick Collection


I had surgery to remove a bone spur on my toe because it hurt to walk. And I have many years ahead of walking. It was hard to decide to do it but I think I’m glad I did! I’ll be more sure by the end of summer.
Surgery is weird. You have to answer all these questions about yourself, draw what body part is being operated on, and get dressed in a gown – all after fasting from food AND water. You lay on a bed staring at the ceiling with people moving all around you, but you can’t really see what they’re doing, then your veins are tapped and pricked, and then you’re asked to breathe into a mask. And then you wake up. In another room, still on your back and this time with pain and in my case, a bandaged foot inside a bootie thing. That you have to wear for two weeks. And I won’t talk about anesthesia and pain meds nausea.

I have learned some things from this experience:

  • Don’t schedule surgery at a time when you won’t be able to do your favorite activity like ocean swimming during race season
  • Do schedule surgery around a holiday (if you aren’t hosting or traveling) so you can expand sick days into holidays. Hello four days of recovery over the Fourth.
  • Ask your surgeon if you can drive after, so you can plan to have drivers if you can’t
  • Learn what the recovery will be, especially if it means needing a shower stool or toilet arms, or crutches, or wheelchairs.
  • Know when your post op appointment will be
  • Press n Seal is my friend
  • Dropping wooden cutting boards on your toe is bad
  • Having dependable friends who understand you can’t get to work, get groceries, or run errands and offer to help is such a relief!
  • Stitches itch
  • Sleeping with your leg elevated is hard
  • Sitting for 2 weeks made me glad I’m not sitting for 2 months. But I’m still counting down the days til I can get back in the ocean.

Overall, it has been a really good recovery and having surgery has been an eye opening experience for me. Having a good surgeon is a must. Especially one that is an athlete and understands your lifestyle. My mom/nurse was amazing, thank you! I will never take walking for granted. And I will definitely be more understanding of people undergoing their own recoveries in the future. I owe a few car rides :)